What if it rains on my shoot day?

If it looks like it will either be raining or snowing too hard to shoot your pictures, we will reschedule the shoot. Bad temperatures (too hot or too cold) will not be grounds for rescheduling, nor will overcast skies. In fact, overcast is often great for pictures! The clouds soften otherwise harsh shadows! Cancellation is at the discretion of Curtis Wiklund Photography and is usually determined up to 1 hour before the shoot.


Do you offer traditional yearbook photos?

No. The yearbook picture is a standard lit portrait that will look almost identical no matter the studio. Our goal is to give you something unique! Many school suggested studios (such as Prestige) have the process streamlined, to where it’s fast, simple, and cheap (some $20 or so). Our past seniors have had their formal yearbook picture done at a studio like this (where there is no obligation to purchase anything more than the yearbook picture), and then they came to us in their “real” clothes for the pictures they’re going to want to give to friends and family and have on their walls for years to come.


How much do you cost?

Our shoots begin at $250. The prints come in packages that begin at $320 and can be customized to fit your needs. We’ve had families order small amounts, up to $5-6,000 worth of prints and products. It is entirely dependent on what you would like to do with your pictures. The details in our pricing packet will help to know what to expect when it comes to ordering.


How does the ordering process work?

The entire ordering process is done together at the Photo Viewing Session in our studio. We watch a slideshow of all your images, and then begin the process of narrowing them down to your favorites! Anyone who wants a say in the ordering should be at the Photo Viewing Session, as all final decisions are made together. Once you leave, the order is prepped and placed, and you can expect your prints in about 3 to 4 weeks! (rush services are available)


Who is SeniorsRunTheWorld?

SeniorsRunTheWorld is run by husband and wife team, Curtis and Jordin Wiklund. Learn more about Curtis and Jordin through their main websitethis interview, or through sketches.


Where do you shoot?

We primarily shoot all around downtown Birmingham, Michigan. We love Birmingham for its mix of urban and nature looks. We lived in downtown Birmingham for 4 years before recently moving to our farmhouse near Clarkston. We now also offer on-site shoots on our property and nearby fields for a more nature look. We also offer shoots with custom location, if there is a specific place you would like in your photos. Many of our past clients have come from Groves High School, Seaholm High School, Cranbrook, Rochester Adams High School, Rochester High School, Stoney Creek High School, International Academy, Notre Dame Prep, Andover High School, Lahser High School, Troy High School, Troy Athens High School, Lake Orion High School, Clarkston High School, and many more.


Can I have my photos taken at Cranbrook?

Yes, but you must be a current Cranbrook student. More info about senior pictures at Cranbrook


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